Apex Business Club

Franchise or Preferred Partner Request

Every business needs signs.

And there's no better way to tap into this lucrative market than with a APEX franchise or as Apex Preferred Partner.

As a franchisee and even as preferred partner of Apex Portal, you'll be able to offer a full range of the sign-making services that businesses need with a brand name they've come to trust and respect.

In addition, you'll get the full support of the APEX  brand and FMS – Concept worldwide team - a group that is committed to providing you with the training, consulting, equipment and resources you need to make your APEX business  the sign of a successful business.

Please fill in :
Are you currently employed?  No Yes
What is your occupation?
Have you owned your own business? 
What was the type of business?
Name 3 strengths you possess,
that will enable you to be successful in your business:
Strength 1

Strength 2

Strength 3

Please select  as a minimum one criteria, who you are interested to  offers or arranges for the following FMS standard services:
  • search for or providing of business partners in other markets;…
  • search for or providing of business partners in other markets;
  • search for sales agents or representatives in other markets;
  • consulting in connection with suitable locations for production or sale of products;
  • consulting as to the foundation of new business positions;
  • assistance as to buying companies or acquisition of participations;
  • consulting as to marketing, sales and cooperation, acquisitions of licenses;
  • providing tax- and legal consultations;
  • assistance in getting financing or venture capital;
  • providing or / and assistance in business- and leisure travel
  • providing or/and assistance in Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events (MICE) and fairs
  • Providing or/and assistance in  business meeting facilities in form of business club, restaurant, office for rent, money  transfer
  • providing international business accommodation assistance in upmarket travel
  • providing  vip maintainance
  • others, please describe
Timing & Decision Making  
When would you like to open your business?
How long have you been looking for your own business?
Where would you like to open your business?
How much time are you willing to commit to your business? (Hours per week)
How are you planning to run your business? (Check One)
Your current annual salary is:
How much capital are you willing to invest?
Tell Us More About Yourself  
1. What region are you interested in developing?
2. Why would FMS-Concept Ltd. select you over other qualified candidates? *
3. Review and Send Review your entries and click the 'Send Request' button to forward your information request on to our APEX Partner Development department. After we receive your inquiry, we will generally contact you within 15 days to advise you if we are interested in further exploring a relationship and will at that time provide you with additional information.
Note: All information submitted to FMS-Concept Ltd.  is used only to assist in the screening of potential franchisees and will be kept confidential.


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