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Apex Business Club

Jointly Develop New Markets with FMS-Concept

The Business Club as an innovative contact possibility for business people does exist already in various forms and in various countries.

 FMS-Concept has, based on the principles of such form of business contacts, developed with the Apex Portal (www.apexportal.com)
a concept for an economic world wide data network in cooperation with Apex Business Club (ABC) (www.abc.apexportal.com) local offices in all major business locations.   

ABC arranges together with local cooperating specialized service partners worldwide all types of services for the business community.

Who is FMS-Concept Ltd.!

  • FMS-Concept Ltd. is a London based internet company set up to provide all kind of services required by the medium sized business community worldwide.
  • FMS means Franchising Management Services – Concept.    

FMS arranges worldwide all types of services for the business community through its Franchise Partners together with locally cooperating specialized service partners.

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How is FMS organized !

FMS together with its Partners, is aimed to provide in all business centres worldwide all major service requirements for the international business community.

What are the activities and objectives of FMS Ltd. !

  1. Main activities and objectives are to provide, at any business centre or place of interest,  economic-, labour-, trade-, financial-, legal- and patent-, tax and investment related information and services to business people worldwide, either of general nature, or country or area or project related.
  1. FMS may, upon request, provide internationally renowned experts for any of the above service areas.
  1. FMS may assist in arranging for the development of new markets and adequate marketing structures and provide cooperations with local or regional partners.
  1. FMS can assist in either developing or improving the areal or country wide public and economic infrastructure including tourism.

FMS furthermore does arrange and organize, together with experienced travel and hospitality industry and gastronomy partners conferences, fairs,  meetings participations, provide international business standard accommodation   and presentations or any related activities.

Who are the FMS Partners !

Managers and entrepreneurs willing to expand or complement their business area in the field of business services like for example : more :

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Legal
  • Tax Consultant
  • Accounting
  • Money Transfer 
  • Internet,  I.T., software- , hardware, design ...
  • Real estate
  • Gastronomy .. food services, business restaurants
  • Hospitality..  accommodations,
  • Health – Fitness, Spa  and Recreation sectors
  • Business Club Locations, Business Centres,
  • Business Centers,
  • Travel and Tourism 
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Congresses, Events)
  • DMS (Destination Management)
  • Serviced Office, Office Rent,
  • Providing rental equipment
  • Transportation for rent or buy
  • And creative and reliable business office owners who want to be part of Apex Business Club local services.

Each FMS Partner,  as a minimum, offers or arranges one of  the above mentioned  FMS international business standard service.

What are the advantages offered to the FMS Partner?

  • entrepreneurial  activities as to economic, organisational and financial flexibility.
  • access to international clients through the FMS network.
  • standardized approach to marketing and sales of products within the Franchise system; various sources of income from the different business activities.

A lasting relationship

Because we share common interests, we see our partnership as a win-win proposal. In order to provide benefits throughout a business communication platform with local business support and locations,
we seek to establish a lasting relationship.

Integrating the owners and investors needs, market segment and country specificities to offer the most suitable partnership, our development solutions are diversified and includes agents, affiliates, alliances, management contracts and franchise agreements.

You are working for your clients and FMS works for you

  • the FMS Partner System is based on reciprocity,
  •  i.e. you operate the local or regional ABC-business
  •  FMS operates the international network;

we actively use the advantages of internationalization, globalization and digitalization exclusively in favour of our ABC- partners and the FMS activities;

  • You invest into your additional business service offers for the ABC members and/or
  • You invest into your Apex Business Club facility,
  •  FMS  invests into the ABC-trademark,
  •  we all invest into the future.

After having filled in the form, you will receive, without any obligation for you, further detailed information. 

You want to be a partner? Please fil in the form and send to us more..

We appreciate your request.

FMS-Concept Ltd.
Email: management@apexportal.com



Apex is synonym for high-quality operation and support. Our qualified, international team is available twenty-four hours a day. Variety is our signature trait.

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